Cha Soaps

Sunflower Inspired by Van Gogh


Inspired by Van Gogh and exclusively commissioned by the National Gallery of Australia for the Botticelli to Van Gogh exhibition, ChaSoaps brings you the ultimate Goat Milk & Honey Soap experience straight to your door!

*Colours only available in yellow-orange background*

Fantastic for both body and face, experience the magic of ChaSoaps today. 

Created with: 

- Aussie Honey

- Goat Milk 

- Glycerin 


- Lemon Zest


65mm (W) x 30mm (H) x 85mm (L)
Each soap is hand-made and may differ slightly in dimensions and weight. 
Packaged in beautiful gift box for all occasions. *Priced Individually*

20% Extra Vegetable Glycerine, Biodegradable, Hypo-Allergenic. 

Full Ingredient List: 

Natural Mica Powder, Honey, Aqua 25-50%, Glycerine 10-25%, Sodium Stearate 10-25%, Sorbitol 10-25%, Sodium Laurate 5-10%, Goats Milk 5-10%, Propylene Glycol 1-5%, Sodium Laureth Sulfate 1-5%, Sodium Chloride 1-5%, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 0.5-1.0%, Titanium Dioxide 0.1-0.5%, Stearic Acid 0.1-0.5%, Lauric Acid 0.1-0.5%, Pentisodium Pentetate <0.1%, Tetrasodium Etidronate <0.1%

*Please note all soaps are for external use only, not for consumption. All colours are natural and/or food-graded. Any colour-run offs are from natural ingredients such as Activated Charcoal or Mica / Tea Powder. 


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