Welcome to ChaSoaps, a collection of artisanal soaps created by Dr.Denice! As a full-time Dentist in Brisbane, Australia, maintaining hygiene was of utmost importance. Washing her hands in between patients meant using medical & high strength liquid hand soaps at least thirty times a day. Dry skin, irritation and over-sensitivity soon followed. 

The determination to create a natural & moisturising soap soon merged with her intensive Art background. Using beneficial ingredients including Australian Honey, natural Goat Milk base, Matcha / Green Tea powder and Activated Charcoal, the hand-made and hand-carved ChaSoaps are not only great for your skin, but stunning for all occasions and as gift ideas. 

Every ChaSoap is created via an average of 50 individual steps. A very time and labour intensive process, but extremely worth it for the hydrating and soft effect on all skin types. 

Now as a fully-Australian owned family business, we are striving to bring and share the all natural soaps to families in Australia and around the globe in the mission to create softer skin for all. We're proudly certified Australian Made, License No. 13010 for all our ChaSoaps Collection. 

Thank you for visiting, we truly hope you experience and enjoy the hydration as much as we do. From the ChaSoaps Team.

We take bulk orders for functions / events and all other occasions! For any questions or queries regarding orders / collections, please contact us on here.